Name: Rich
Nickname: The Jersey Jew, The Drunk Jew, That Drunk Guy, That Pissed Off Dude From New Jersey.....
Sex: Male (thought for once i wouldn’t be cliche and say “yes please”)
Age: Old Enough to know better, but to young to give a fuck
Parts performed: Being Drunk, Security, Last minute build a prop with no budget guy, and Ralph
When did you join Jump: A couple of months after the first time i saw the show, which was the night Jay proposed to amber, during a performance in the upstairs theatre. And i would call it joining so much as being recruited by the Fabulous Mistress Kate to keep an eye on some drunk obnoxious ass holes.
Favorite scene to perform: Having Breakfast in the Diner

Likes: Loud Music, Hardcore, guitars, hanging with my friends, cold beer, good food, & most of all My BabyDoll.

Dislikes: Petty, Childish, ignorant, ass holes.

What is your favorite Jump memory: After 3 years with such an amazing group of people, who put on such an amazing show, theres no way that i could narrow it down to just 1. So i guess my favorite jump memory is just having been able to be a part of something so bad ass.

Cause of death: Hmm Not sure i understand the question, but i’ll give it a shot. If i was causing someone else’s death right now i would have to say that i would stab them in the gut so they bleed out real slow, then while that is happening flay all the skin off their torso. Then before they have a chance to loose conscienceness, cave their skull in with a brick. After that i would cremate the body in a dumpster fire and piss on it to put it out...then take the ashes and roll them into a joint with some skunk weed and give to some homeless people to smoke. But that is reserved for a special person.
Now if the question meant “my” cause of death....i would have to say Alcohol.

contact info (optional): I could tell you but then i would have to kill you.....and eat you liver with farva beans.
email address: See Above Answer
messenger (AIM, Y!Messenger): See Answer Above Above Answer
favorite links: Umm Porn?