July 22, 2004

Our first convention meeting was an extreme success! We are beginning to make plans regarding fundraising, and already have some fabulous ideas for our SOUP (Special Original Unique Performance) that we hope will be as crowd pleasing as previous numbers.

If any of our audience members are interested in attending the 30th anniversary convention in Las Vegas next June, please feel free to contact our webmistress Amber at litaslildemon@cox.net for details, or check out the official convention website here

We have had to delete a few entries from our guestbook. There are a few people who like to post anonymously, and can only tell us why we left, and why we suck, and why everything we do is wrong. Well, we do things our way, we make our own decisions, and if you dont like it, thats fine. It's called having an opinion. But dont post it in our guestbook, which is a place for guests to leave their mark about the site, not for anonymous morons to tell us we suck. To everyone else, thank you for visiting, and thank you for your words of encouragement.

Stay Jump, Stay Proud!