Name: Krystal
Nickname: Krystal Chandelier, Baby Doll, and the Girl who loves Pirates
Sex: I'm not one to kiss and tell. Or shall i say Screw and tell.
Age: 20
Parts performed: all of them.
When did you join Jump: March of 2001
Favorite scene to perform: Magenta in time warp.

Likes: My boyfriend Rich, Pirates, Orlando Bloom, reading, art... etc

Dislikes: people who chew with their mouth open, people who don't shower, people who walk slow, people who hang out in Hot Topic- they just stand there not looking at anything! I want to punch them. The list continues... it would be too long

What is your favorite Jump memory:
Hmmm this is hard.... I'm torn between Bas slinding around on the stage looking up Jason's dress and biffing it the first time I ran across stage during Hot Patootie.

Cause of death: Fighting the evil pirate LeChuck to the death.