Nickname: what is this obsession everyone has with nicknames?
Sex:the sooner, the better is all i have to say.
Age: does that include past lives?
Parts performed: tranny, props, lights, dr. scott, betty, trixie, janet, crim, and magenta
When did you join Jump: may 2003, right after i was sacrificed. i was like "dude! this is fucking awesome!"
Favorite scene to perform: anything as magenta, but as janet, my all time favorite would definitely have to be "wise up janet wiess"

Likes: i love my job, i love hanging out with my friends; i love to read, i'm a movie buff; i love music like nobody's business and I Love being a member of "a jump to the left" with the utmost passion.

Dislikes: math..... not being able to perform with "a jump to the left"

What is your favorite Jump memory?: the big preshows, the winding down at the diner and the thought that there would always be another show.

Cause of death:

email address :
messenger: aim- youthfoulotion y!messenger- (heh) youthfoulotion ((creative aren't i?))
favorite links: i don't know the address to the site, but seach "secret diaries of the lord of the rings" it's fucking hilarious. there's also (strongbad's email) and (milkshake and end of the world are funny as hell) and also