Name: Amber Elliott
Nickname: Chica, Tink, Lita
Sex: Female
Age: 23
Parts performed: I've played every part!
When did you join Jump: December 1998
Favorite scene to perform: Hot Patootie

Likes: Hot Rods, Graphics, Lita, the WWE, faeries, pixie dust, Disneyland, Tinkerbell, tattoos, and magnetic poetry

Dislikes: Liars, backstabbers, cheaters, lots of body hair, House of the Dead, math, and accounting.

What is your favorite Jump memory: Bas jumping around trying to explain Fag-Tasmic!, or the 25th ann. Con in Vegas where I got married, Richard O'Brien came to the wedding and cried, and we whooped ass with Fag Club!

Cause of death: Tripped on my garter belt and caught a light up stilletto heel in my ear, instantly piercing my brain and rendering me a vegetable.

contact info
email address:
messenger: LitasLilDemon (AIM), divalitafaerie (Y!)
favorite links:,,,