Name: Alison
Nickname: Ali
Sex: Female last time i checked, and i check often
Age: 22
Parts performed: All of them!
When did you join Jump: April of 99
Favorite scene to perform: Touch a Touch Me, and franks scenes..all of them are fun. Eddie or Columbia cause then you dont have to do eddies teddy.

Likes: Choppers, Jesse James, Carebears, Faeries, Anime, and the finer vices of life

Dislikes: Closed minds and open mouths.

What is your favorite Jump memory: So many, and most of them start with "So Bas.." or "That time Kate..." or just plain "Remember at the show when..." there are to many to have just one, so we'll say a 5 year long fav memory. 505!

Cause of death: see the above "closed mind open mouth" a man who refused to let it go and let a grudge fester for 4 years till it completely took him over and rotted what poor excuse for a soul he may have had, you know what space wasnt being filled with old bong resin. a sad man that made a movie his life and couldnt find anything else to take pleasure in, and treated people like his slaves and underlings rather than his family and equals. so i guess well chalk it all up to "souless stupidity".

email address:
messenger: rokketgirl (AIM)
favorite links:,, and google for all your random picture and website needs.